For several years after the Civil War, preaching services were held in private homes. These services were conducted by two local ministers, Issac Copeland and Riley Trammel. Rev. Sidney Richmond was the first circuit rider named in 1870. Circuit riders normally served the circuit for a two-year period. Other circuit riders were: Rev. Shannon, Rev. Ben Jarmine McNeal, Rev. Alex Robeson, Rev. James Rice, Rev.J. L. Jenkins, Rev. Myrick, Rev. J. R. Ledbetter and Rev. L. E. Aspley.
Methodist Episcopal Church South was organized in 1888 by Evangelist Pascal. Church was held in the Union Church until it was destroyed by a storm in 1889.

Methodist Episcopal Church South of Van Buren, then received the title to lots 3 and 4 of block six for the sum of one dollar, cash in hand on February 12, 1900 from B. T. and Myra Terry. The trustees (R. D. Clay, George T. Lee, Frank McSpadden, J. H. Richards and John A. Ray) received the title, and the Methodist Episcopal Church South was built on the property. This church served faithfully until 1948 when a new church was built at the corner of Oliver and Sycamore. The new building has had improvements to the educational wing and the basement fellowship hall over the years.. This building of red granite blocks has stood in the middle of town to meet the needs of the rural community with love and concern. There have been concerns about our aging building and the improvements needed. A building committee was formed last year to address accessibility issues as well as adding some much needed space and technological improvements. The Church has had a strong past and is looking forward to a stronger future.

This is a picture taken of the church about 1908 (built shortly after the turn of the century) and it was called the Methodist Episcopal South Church. The present church was built in 1948.
Sunday School/Bible Study - 9:30 a.m..
Worship Service - 10:30 a.m..

Prayer Meeting - 9:30 a.m..

Choir Practice - 4:00 p.m.

Bible Study and Prayer - Wednesday 6:00 pm

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Van Buren United Methodist Church
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